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In time I hope to make this a place that you will like to visit regularly to find out interesting facts about the most essential and undervalued substance on earth – water!

My real passion is finding technology to solve water quality and quantity problems, allowing our most precious resource go much further in an environmentally sustainable manner. See my Water Tech Reviews page for information on some interesting new technologies I have been looking at.

This site is also a conduit to my blog Michael's Water Cooler. So check out the conversation on water issues and treatment solutions and feel free to join in if you wish!

Water Bites:

Our Excessive Ecological Footprint....

Did you know that humanity's demand on the planet's living resources, its Ecological Footprint, now exceeds the planet's regnerative capacity by about 30 percent? Our ecological footprint exceeded the world's biocapacity in around 1986. Population growth and increasing consumption has more than doubled our demand on the planet over the past 45 years. For more information read on..

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